Noob questions about OFW version


I am new to openframeworks.

I downloaded 0.062 for my projects and recently I just realised that OFW is now using ghit to update the version commits, so I went to to check out the latest version.

I was excited to see so many addons and features added since 0.062 however when I try to compile the examples with Visual Studio 2010, it seems like there is quite a number of errors.

Is 0.062 the latest stable version ?

Thanks in advance

we are working on the GIT actively, but it’s not always up to date for each compiler. 0062 is the most stable. I’m actively working on the windows side of 007, the next release and arturo and I have been solving vs2010 issues over the last few days. hopefully the git should be caught up on the windows side soon.

take care,

Thks a lot for the reply and the great work that you guys have been doing. Keep it up!