No UI, no crash, no activity with app on Windows 10

I’ve created an app that works fine across platforms (OSX - various versions, and Windows). Now I have a customer that has a day old fresh install of Windows 10 and when they start the app they see a short spinner, and then nothing. No crash, no dialogue, no UI or screen opening.

Any tips on how to troubleshoot this? I’ve dealt with missing DLLs previously, but if that’s the case you would at least get an error message. I’ve also tried to enable error log to a file within OF, but no file is written.

did you checked if you called some ofSetWindowPosition… out of the first screen?


Make sure that your system has installed
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio
Direct download link for x64:

It could be a couple of things:

  1. Needs the dlls not just the exe ( as you mentioned )
  2. If there is video in the project they might need to install the K-Lite Codecs and setup them up as described here.
  3. It could be the Windows system protection preventing it from running.

You could also have them run the exe from a command prompt and then they could see any error messages generated by OF.

Hope that helps!

thanks for the comments guys. I am positioning the window, but only to centre of screen, based on screenwidth - so don’t think that’s the problem but I’ll remove that just to rule it out.

I don’t think it’s the DLLs as that usually throws an error. @theo with system protection, you mean UAC?

I did not know you could get error messages shown by running from cmd, I’ll try that too!

There’s also some annoying new enabled windows defender / Virus Protection stuff these days.
You can check in the system control panel if there’s some blocked app listed. You can also allow it to run on there.

BTW, if I delete the dlls I get a pop window with System Error / code execution…
If I don’t remember bad, the typical dll’s (depending of the core parts you use) that goes paired with the bin/ofApp exe are: FreeImage.dll, fmodex64.dll …etc.
(If you compiled as debug (vs release) there will be some other files on /bin too. _debug.ilk/lib/pdb.)

If the app is installed in some system places, like c:/Program Files/, maybe you will need administration rights (that’s related to UAC). You can try to put the app folder on the desktop and run the app from there.

Also, there’s some info from yourself :sweat_smile: here on the forum to modify the data path of your app (c:/ProgramData/), if you need to save files during runtime.

so far tried letting them run it from desktop as well, same result: short spinner and nothing after that. I’ll let him check the windows defender stuff next.