No such file or directory

Hey guys,
I searched the forum and found a lot of people have had this happen but couldn’t find a solution.
In a nut shell, duplicate exampleProject, add ofxOpenCV as an addon and try and build. You’ll get hundreds of errors, most of which give this, “No such file or directory” error. I’ve been trying this with both OpenCV and Kinect, I can only get the OpenCV example to work, but can’t create my own project and add, and I can’t get any of the Kinect examples to work in openFrameworks, both of which for these reasons.

Just checking that you’ve modified the header search paths? Open up the XCode project and look for Header Search Paths you’ll see the paths to the libusb headers added in there. Can you post what errors you’re getting with the OpenCV projects?

Ah crap you’re right!
Had to add:

As for the Kinect issues:
/Users/duff/Desktop/Projects/Classes/Cpp/openFrameworks/apps/addonsExamples/ofxKinect/src/testApp.h:24: error: cannot declare field ‘testApp::kinect’ to be of abstract type ‘ofxKinect’

Any idea?