No Sound from the ofxPDSP Examples


I am new to OpenFrameworks. I was looking for a creative coding framework that provides good options for audio synthesis and OpenFrameworks with some addons seems to fit the bill. ofxPDSP seems promising, but I have problems getting it to work:

  1. I installed ofxPDSP and all dependencies by cloning from GitHub into my addons folder.
  2. I made a new project using the projectGenerator and included ofxPDSP and all dependencies and was able to build the empty project.
  3. I copied the files from ofxPDSP example_granular into my project, replacing the files. I was able to build the project and the ui and loading sound files is working, but I don’t get any sound.
  4. I replaced the files with those from the ofxPDSP example_basics1_patching. Again, the build is successful, but I get no sound (the sketch just consists of a sine wave oscillator patched directly to the output).
  5. I tried the ofx audioOutputExample. This one works.

Why do I not get any sound from the ofxPDSP examples?

Edit: I managed to fix it. At the end of the ofxPDSP examples, the set engine.setDeviceID(0). But the device ID on my MacBook for the internal speakers (even if nothing else is connected) seems to be 1. So setting it to engine.setDeviceID(1) fixed it.

Hi, good to know you solved it. Please mark it as solved.

Just one tip, instead of making a new project, copying files from example and etc, just drag and drop one of the examples onto Project Generator and press Generate/Update. It is way much easier.