No rendering initially in Mojave

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I’m running oF 0.10.0 and just updated to Mojave and Apple appear to be doing something slightly different under the hood now, I get a blank screen when my app starts up, although the code is running in the background,

I’ve found I need to move the window to get it to render, so naively I’ve added this snippet to my draw method to imperceptibly nudge the window position:

  if( ofGetFrameNum() == 1 )
    ofSetWindowPosition( ofGetWindowPositionX(), ofGetWindowPositionY()+1 );
    ofSetWindowPosition( ofGetWindowPositionX(), ofGetWindowPositionY()-1 );

Curiously it needs to happen on or after the second frame, possibly the window/GL isn’t fully setup on frame 0?
I’m on a deadline to get something out of the door right now, and will look for a better solution later, but would be interested if anyone else is seeing the same issue?

Happens on all my oF projects even the emptyExample. Maybe this hack-fix will help others with the same issue or guide someone who knows the detail of what’s going on under the hood of oF to find a solution.


Same here. Interestingly enough this does not happen when you launch the app in fullscreen:



This should be fixed in our patch-release:

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Is the last OSX version integer this patch ?

0.10.1 ? Thank you !

Yes 0.10.1 is the last release

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