No refresh on DualView ?! + multiple/network displays

I need to run an OF application of two monitors using the DualView modality (so no horizontal pan).
It works fine except it doesnt refresh on the secondary display (a projector). If there’s a video playing across the entire window the part on the main display (the laptop) runs fine while the part on the secondary display (projector) doesnt refresh (at best you see one frame).
I think it’s a GLUT problem since if I use any other “normal” application like VS and span it across the two monitors the refresh is fine.

Is it possible to use something like in UNIX where you can address different displays/viewports? Or drawing in two different windows ?
Anyone tried to stream video through network?


PS: Again, horizontal span is not an option :slight_smile:

what if you drag the window so it is only on the second display?
does it refresh then?

It still doesn’t refresh… and if I drag it around you see the trail of the interface (like there’s no redraw).

what graphics card is it?
did you try updating the driver?

what version of windows are you on?

thanks for your replies. I actually managed to solve this problem: it’s due some high settings in the nVidia graphics card (via the NVIDIA Control Panel).
Setting the 3D antialiasing to “Advanced/Let the application decide” and restoring the Gloabal parameters proved to solve this issue.

Are you aware of any good way for providing multiple windows support?


NOTE: Im running WindowsXP-32 both on a MacBook Pro (NVIDIA GeForce 9400M + 9600M ) and MacPro (NVIDIA GeForce GT 120).

Hey glad you got it solved.

There should be an option in the nvidia settings for single monitor vs multi monitor performance ( Single Display Performance Mode or Multi Display Performance mode ).

Probably tweaks the opengl settings which is why you were having that issue.