No projects compile. xcode 10.1 high Sierra 10.13.6

Hey I’m running XCode 10.1 on macOS high Sierra 10.13.6. every time I open an openFrame works example project or create my own in the project generator, the code never compiles and gives me this error:

“/clang:-1: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)”

Ive seen lots of post where people are encouraged to change their build system settings in project settings. but I still get this error either way.

Has any one had the same issue and know a fix?


what version of OF are you using ? what happens if you file->project settings and adjust the build system?

Hey, its OF 11.2 , will I need to run an older version? Changing the build system does not squash the error sadly.

I think your Xcode is not new enough to support this version of OF. I just noticed this

specifically, For OF 0.11.1 onwards Xcode 11 is required.

if you need a version of Xcode which is newer, but not the newest (in case you don’t want to update your OS, etc), you can download them from apple

it requires a free apple developer account

Oh right. To cut a long story short, Im working on an old loan machine. I can’t really mess with the operating system. I didn’t think High Sierra would go for Xcode 11.

Unfortunately OF 0.11.0 and newer needs macOS 10.14 or newer.

If you are on macOS 10.13 I think the latest OF that will work is:

Thats the ticket, thank you! Its compiling and running projects now.