No project generator in code::blocks nightly built?

Hi everyone,

I have an OS X OF project which I need to port to windows, using the standard gnu c++ compiler with 11x support. I tried to compile some examples in 8.4 with c++11x enabled, but that didn’t work.

I therefore went for a nightly built instead, but found that there’re no project/workspace files, nor a project generator.

Any advice on how-to setup a minimal OF project with c++11 support in code::blocks would be highly appreciated.


code block is being dropped for 0.9 you can use makefiles wihich allows you to use any IDE that supports them, codeblocks among others, i’ll put a guide soon on how to use it but mostly you need to:

  • install msys2:
  • from an msys2 terminal run the install_dependencies script in scripts/win_cb/
  • copy the Makefile and config.make files from scripts/win_cb/template into your project
  • add any addon you are using in an addons.make file
  • type make in the msys terminal from the project directory to compile

you can take a look at any of the examples to see the specific format of the addons.make file

or you can use visual studio which is the recommended IDE

Thanks very much, arturo!

Being independent from a particular IDE would be my preferred solution, since I’m not aware what development environment my collaborator prefers. So we stay flexible. I didn’t go for the VS solution because I didn’t want to mess up my VS2013 setup by installing VS2015. Furthermore, Code::blocks is so much more compact.