No project generator for of_v0.9.x_msys2_release?

I can’t find the project generator in the OF 0.9 msys version. Is it normal? I can’t find anywhere any information about that.

Nobody :slight_smile: ?

I currently use the great project wizard for qtcreator, but it doesn’t allow to create projects at a custom level in the apps folder. I was hoping the project generator allow this, like it did with OF 0.8.4

Sorry I forgot to mention that I’m working with Windows 7 !

no there’s no PG for the msys distribution, you should be able to create projects anywhere using the wizard though, just create it and then edit the qbs file to change:

import "../../../libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/qtcreator/ofApp.qbs" as ofApp


property string of_root: '../../..'

to the correct paths and then in build select reparse qbs

Thank you arturo !