No more incremental builds available on Ubuntu

I’m now working on a project on a Jetson Nano/Ubuntu 18.04LTS. I use Qt as editor but compile with make command in the terminal because it seems there’s no way to get Qt building system to work. Anyway, the project was left behind about a year ago and at that moment everything worked fine. Now every time I change something in one file only the whole project is rebuilt. And unfortunately it takes close to eternity, there’s no way to work efficiently this way. It happens all the times, even making changes in files whose recompilation should not affect others in any way, even adding normally ignored characters. E.G. I type an extra space in main.cpp, save it, launch make from the terminal and “boom”: it recompiles the whole project.
I had a look in make files and did not find something like all: clean.
The project has not been touched from last year, but I remember I got some Ubuntu automatic system updates because meantime I worked to another project on the same Jetson Nano, without encountering this problem.
Does anyone have an idea about what is happening here?

Hey @joeseeba , did you try running the script? This might recompile all of the oF libs independent of a project, so that they’re up to date when a project is compiled.

Hi TimChi, thank you for the tip, I’ll give it a go. Anyway OF itself is not recompiled each time, only my project files are. The project is quite big, that’s why the Jetson Nano takes so much time to recompile