No idea about the ofAppGlutWindow

I’ve seen there was a complete defination of ofAppGlutWindow, but the question is why in ofAppRunner.cpp

void ofSetupOpenGL(int w, int h, int screenMode){
	window = ofPtr<ofAppBaseWindow>(new ofAppNoWindow());
#elif defined(TARGET_OF_IOS)
	window = ofPtr<ofAppBaseWindow>(new ofAppiOSWindow());
#elif defined(TARGET_ANDROID)
	window = ofPtr<ofAppBaseWindow>(new ofAppAndroidWindow());
#elif defined(TARGET_RASPBERRY_PI)
	window = ofPtr<ofAppBaseWindow>(new ofAppEGLWindow());
	window = ofPtr<ofAppBaseWindow>(new ofAppGLFWWindow());


The glutWindow was not used…That made me puzzled

And when I change the ofAppGLFW to ofAppGlutWindow , i found it could work too ( except anti-aliasing )

window = ofPtr<ofAppBaseWindow>(new ofAppGlutWindow());

I’v got no idea about this.Perhaps it was perpared for the follow-up version?

PS:I’m not good at English……

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ofAppGlutWindow is what was previously used before ofAppGLFWWindow “replaced” it

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Thanks a lot~~

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Sorry to bring back this old topic.
ofAppGlutWindow is not used unless one creates it manually.
GLUT is linked as a dll, so if we don-t use it we can just delete it from export folder.
Question is, is GLU build into the binary? or is it in the same dll as glut?