No-hassle OSX webcam for education

I’m looking to purchase a set of “they just work” OSX webcams for various uses in our courses, from simple image recording to openCV, image processing experiments etc. I’ve had some sporadic luck in the past with cameras that need specialized or hacked drivers, and it’s really just a time sink that I want to try to avoid in the future, there are plenty of other things I’d rather have us spend time troubleshooting… Our most common OS’s at the moment are SL/Lion/ML, and I’m looking for a sub-$100 model.

I know a lot of people here have worked a lot with image processing – any recommendations for a good camera that allows manual light control, has decent framerate, etc? Thanks!

I’d settle for some results of what people are currently using? :slight_smile:

My go-to camera has been the sony ps3eye for a while. It doesn’t “just work” on OS X, but the maccam driver makes it pretty easy to get up and running, provided you have access to the system folders.

I’d second the PS3Eye, it lets you do a lot. I have heard that there are some problems on 10.8 with the Macam drivers, but I can’t verify that since I don’t have 10.8, nor do I know if they’ve been resolved. If you’re willing to do some leg-work you can use UVC-based webcameras too, check here for more info on how to set that up:

I mostly use ps-eye as well… but it’s not just plug it in, and yes it has some problems with 10.8. it doesn’t work.

but if you have snow leopard like me it works like a charm . just use a software like camtwist or macam on the background.


a)best camera for price out-there (16 pounds for a 100 pound camera)

b)can be hacked to give infrared data


a)it’s not the best one out-there obviously you can get better cameras for £100+

b)it has problems with 10.8

c)it needs mac-cam etc

now if you just need a camera that “just works on mac” I am sure amazon has plenty of choices

I recently bought this thing here:

for £5. and it just works on macintosh (even though is made by microsoft). (very good build quality)

another choice is logitech but they are a bit pricey …