No forum notification indicator

While viewing topic there is no indication if notifications are enabled for it or not. I couldn’t find any indicator in generated HTML either, except in href attribute of ‘Notify’ link itself. Does SMF 1.1.15 support this feature at all?

you can find information about notifications in your user profile;sa=notification

I understand that. I want an easy way to see if I am already subscribed to some topic or not. Perhaps SMF 2.x can handle that?

Easiest way/workaround: hit the “notify” button and see if the text contains “enable” or “disable”, then press cancel.

I knew that from the start, but it is not a friendly user experience.

Hm, OK. It’s probably best, then, if you ask over at the SMF forum, maybe they know of an even easier way than two clicks.

Can we just upgrade it to the latest version first? I suspect the 1.1.x might not supported anymore.