Nightly build + Xcode doesn't jump to error location

I am using nightly build of_v20220530_osx_release with macOS 10.15.7 and Xcode Version 12.4 (12D4e)

I noticed a problem, when I have a compile error and I click on the compile error in the Issue Navigator then Xcode does not jump to the error’s location.

Here my simple example:

My project path:

Here you can see how after clicking on the error the code window did not jump to the location:

Here I am using OF 0.11.2 which does not have this problem.

The strange part is that this does not happen for all projects right away, but at some point (restarting Xcode, using project generator, etc) this happens to all projects, when using nightly build.

Has anyone had this problem?

it seems to work ok here in my system.
this is the project you shared run in nightly

That must be really annoying! I’ve been using Xcode with (only) the nightly from a couple of months ago and have not seen this (Monterey with 13.2.1) ; I’m really new with it though and have no idea what I’m doing. Sometimes it takes a while for it to highlight the compile error. My m1 mini is much much faster at this than my 2015 mbp retina. I wonder if Xcode is getting internally confused with its own representation (like the Xcode Caches and Project Build Data and Indexes) of 0.11.2 vs nightly. The newer nightly are probably using c++17, where 0.11.2 is using c++11 (?).

I did two things of which I think only the second things actually solved the problem.
going into Xcode → Preferences → Locations and deleting the content of the derived data folder.

Going to Projects Settings and setting Build Settings to “Legacy Build”.