Nice looking 3d model

Hello, I have question.
When I create mesh it looks like material was shadeless.
Example from another topic.

I made example in blender what I would like it looks.

Nice looking diffuse yellow material.
At that moment i have something like

What should I do to make it looks better?
I am working on quaternionArcballExample. There is no comera in scene.

Must I add lamp and camera?
Or i must learn OpenGL? I do not know nothing about it. honestly i don’t want learn it at that moment?

Maybe there are another capabilities?

Thanks for any help;)

Yes, you need to add a camera and lights and you’ll need to learn at least a little bit of OpenGL. Not too much, OF helps you a lot, but you’ll need to learn a little. You should check out the assimpExample and the multiLightExample to help you get started.