Newer opencv version for latest nightly build?

Hi all,
I see that the latest OF comes with opencv 2.3.1
i need to use some features of a more recent version of opencv , namely 2.4.8.

What is the best way to go about updating / using another version of opencv ?

should I install OpenCv to my system (ubuntu 13.04) from repositories and link to that from “config.make” ? (how do I avoid multiple refs to the existing lib then though? shall I delete the addons/ofxopencv/* ? )

or should I compile from sources and re-create the folder structure under addons/ofxopencv/ with the compiled data ? is there someone who has done that already and could guide me in implementing that ?

Thank you for your help

you can do both, if the one in the system works for you, you can just install it and then delete ofxopencv/libs

if you want a more recent version you can recompile it and substitute the binaries and the in includes in ofxopencv/libs

@arturo can I get the cmake configure options that are used in opencv within OF ?
so that I compile something that is as similar as possible? or are the defaults fines?

for example it does not give me opengl support with the default cmake configur–
do I need it for OF ?

the defaults are fine, just don’t include third parties since some of them sometimes conflict with other libraries in OF

alright I shall recompile without it. I did work as expected for the (limited time I tried it though.

Also just for reference, one thing is probably needs to be tweaked is to compile with static libraries instead of the default (shared ones).

Thank you once again!