newbie problem installing and compiling ofxBox2d on codeblocks win

I have installed a few other addons, but I’m having a problem with this one,
when compile always throw the same error

error: no match for code to ‘(ofCoreEvents) ()’

and highlight this line from ofxBox2d.cpp

ofAddListener(ofEvents().mouseDragged, this, &ofxBox2d::mouseDragged);

What am I doing wrong? I’ve tried many times, installing again and again…


Compile after removing the parentheses:

ofAddListener(ofEvents.mouseDragged, this, &ofxBox2d::mouseDragged);

It worked in my case.


it works,

why this error?
is the same on Xcode or other IDE or platform?

in other libraries happens the same?

i have opened an issue on github . I had the same issues in Ubuntu 11.04 with OF007 . i didn’t see this post before but i solved in the same way.