newbee windowing question

hello comunity,

i am a total beginner at of and habe a basic question.
i am interested to know, how to genereate a output window
without title bar and border and place it in a second or third monitor.
(i have 2 graficcards with 4 outputs installed)

ofSetupOpenGL(1024,768, OF_WINDOW); // <-------- setup the GL context

works, but has border and title bar …
i could not find a controlfunction for it :frowning:

i am on a intel mac.

any help would be appreciated !


ofSetupOpenGL(1024,768, OF_FULLSCREEN);	 // <-------- setup the GL context  

That should get rid of the border, but it will be fullscreen. I’m not sure you really can get rid of the app outlines without perhaps compiling it for X windows and running it in that with some funny options configured for X.

thanx a lot for the fast reply !
it seems to be a friendly forum here :slight_smile:
feels good !

the solution works fine for 1 window on the dvi
output on my macbookpro.
i will do some test, if it is pixel accurate and whether
it works with more outputs.


What is you wan to accomplish? To have fullscreen output on multiple displays? That can be tricky. There are some more posts about it on this forum, but the hard point is to make it stretch in a good way. Especially if you want to do it across multiple gpu’s, you will encounter problems because the performance will drop drastic when the computer tries to render the same opengl window on multuple gpu’s. The best way to get more screen on a computer, is to get a triplehead2go in my oppinion. That just works, and you wont have any performance problems.

There are some projects getting more advanced windowing systems to work with oF (cocoa, and myself im working on QT). With this you will be able to make multiple opengl windows, one for each screen. Thereby getting better performance when going across more gpu’s…

Hope it helps, and that is actually understood the problem :)! It’s really a topic many stucks in!

in my case,i dont have to make a panorama.
i have to output many smal quicktime movies
on 6 screens.

so my plan is to make 6 seperate applications.
each of them has it own output gl window.

i want to control the movies over ethernet with osc from outside.
perhaps someone has a hint for an easy of implementation
of osc on mac. i only need a simple control structure …

Ah okay, yes thats is absolutely possible! I usually make a processing or of app to control osc on the computer.