new xcode 4 re-install and everything goes to pot

howdy oF folks,

first time posting. and this one is an annoying post from my end.

recently i have started edging towards using oF and c++ to start making some proper programs for music. im a max user primarily, along with other things. but am wanting to jump to really make something code based, and step up the game of my music software.

anyhow, enough of the intro.
as you could see from the title it is xcode 4 related.

i set up xcode again from scratch. done the whole terminal uninstall thing and put xcode on again, just wanted to start fresh.
but on using 1/2 of the example files that were downloaded, run into a HUGE list of problems. this is using the normal oFpre release 007, not the ios one.

i have followed the steps on the oF site on how to get xcode 4 to run, but the list still spits out a massive list of faults. made sure it was building for 10.6 and all the other things [i have supplied some screenshots of the list.

anyhow, i hope that someone can shed some light. i do know that xcode 4 is still not to par in terms of using oF, but have seen it used.
but thanks to whomever can help me with my first post.

lewis edwards

![]( Shot 2012-05-17 at 14.29.44.png)

![]( Shot 2012-05-17 at 14.29.55.png)

anyone. it would mean a lot for someone to point out things to help

hmmm. seems to be working now.

though there are some little things wrong with ofTrueTypeFont.cpp
but everything else is working fine.

NOW… lets get creating :wink:

SO… i decided to downglade back to snow leopard. lion was just annoying me, getting hot for basic things and made oF a bitch sometimes.
which means back to good ol’ xcode 3, and means i now have a very clean hd for all my shizznit.