New version and Git


Hi, I have probably a stupid question, but I used git to download 0.74 and have been switching between develop and release branches for a few different projects. I want to keep compatability for these projects and not have to make them again. I would also like to start with 0.8 and would like to use git to have the ability to switch branches for that also. I have kind of frozen my 0.74 version at the moment. What happens if I update my 0.74? Will it go directly to 0.8? Will I then lose the compatability? There is only one repository I see on github. Do the 0.74 branches stay online, or should I duplicate them on my machine to keep compatability for my 0.74 projects?



if you have a git repository of OF, it contains all releases, so you can’t lose anything. all the releases you see here are marked using git “tags”, which work just like branch names, but point to a specific commit.
so, to check out 0.7.4, you say “git checkout 0.7.4” and your OF state will go to that point. for 0.8, you say “git checkout 0.8.0”, and so on…

to update, assuming you have a remote called “origin” pointing to the OF repo on github (this is the default if you cloned that repo directly), you do
git checkout master
git fetch origin
git merge origin/master

do note that between 0.7.4 and 0.8 we switched our branching model - instead of develop, now master is the current WIP branch (so contains the latest bugfixes etc). if you just checkout via tags this doesn’t concern you.