New UI experiment - ofxMicroUI

Hello OFWorkers
I’ve just started designing a new UI

And I’m sharing to seek advice, if you have some time to test and read the code.
suggestions will be very welcome
Thank you,


One quick buggy thing I noticed in the MicroUITest project:
With the vec3 parameter, when I slide x towards zero (and exit the slider-bar on the left), and then set the value of y, the value of x changes as well.
And when adjusting a slider, it would be nice to keep it selected, even when exiting the slider on the Y-axis.
Looks like a steady GUI :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Jildert I’ve just fixed that.

Hi @dimitre,

Amazing work man!

an other minor bug is :
The text “text” is identical to the string of the radio ( i think). Therefore when selecting the text then an other one, it remains highlighted, e never set to false.

works if the list doesn’t contain the text :

Great stuff though, will use it in the future.


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Thanksss I’ll fix it soon!

@pierre_tardif00 fixed

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ofxMicroUI now is pretty stable, I’m using in different projects and will be improving it a lot in the next weeks. I’ll update examples soon.