New to openframworks

Hey guys im trying to set up openframeworks on visual studio and im having the hardest time trying to do so. Can anyone lead me in the right direction? thanks :slight_smile:

can you specify a little bit what steps are you following and what problems do you have? otherwise itโ€™s difficult to help you. Are you following the setup guide in the downloads page?

Thanks for asking me to specify. I am new to this so please forgive me if I sound ignorant at any time. This is what I have so far. Where do I! go from here?


you should use the project generator, it automatically find your VS.

you can also test the examples that come with OF, just go into the examples folder and look for something you might be interested in learning, then open the .sln file inside the example folder which will open that example in visual studio

This software is visual studio code.
oF supports Visual Studio 2017.
Itโ€™s a different IDE.

Hey guys, i also a little bit confuse with the installation process.

In the setup guide, some mentioning VS2015 while other mention VS2017. Which one is right?