New Searchable Addons Site


I put this together over the weekend hoping it might be useful to the community.

It allows you to search for addons by keyword and sort the results by popularity or when they were last updated.

For example this query searches for addons with “kinect” in either their name or description.

And this one searches for “opencv” and returns the results sorted by when they were last updated.

The site auto updates every hour by searching github for repositories that begin with “ofx” and are written in c, c++, objc or objc++.

It’s also fast and works on mobile.

Feel free to bookmark it and if you find it useful, i’d love to know.


Thank you ! :+1:

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great work! thanks!

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@Dorald @icq4ever thanks guys! happy to hear you’re finding the site useful.


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Useful indeed!

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Great work, thanks!

Hello! My addon briefly appeared and then vanished! :slight_smile: