New script for tracking git repos of project addons

Hey all -

I wrote a little bash script that lists out the git remote url, branch and commit for each addon used in an OF project - hopefully it’ll be helpful to someone out there that is also sick of manually tracking project dependencies:

The script reads the project’s addons.make file and writes out an addons.git.make file with the extra git data, which looks like this:

ofxCv master eeb80a4
ofxFastFboReader master 12b0069
ofxLibwebsockets master 3d4843a
ofxSpout master f419712
ofxStructureCore sdk0.8 c0c937e

Next I’d like to write a script that can read this addons.git.make and automagically clone / checkout the correct commits for a project’s addons.

Any suggestions / edits / help with that checkout script would be awesome!

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hey ttyy,
i think that is a problem we are all trying to solve somehow. i wrote a package manager a while ago, which needs some updates and bugfixes, but i use it on a daily basis.
you might have a look.

I hope i will have some time soon to fix the remaining bugs. i planned to add a bash based version as well. we might can join forces.
let me know what you think.


Here’s mine :stuck_out_tongue: --> [Utility] ofxAddonTool

(Sorry, Thomas, I’ve been busy with other stuff and I haven’t taken some time to focus on this…) Anyways, it makes sense to join/merge/collaborate somehow.