New multitouch scenegraph addon ofxRRScenegraph

I’m happy to announce my first add-on to be made open source:

It is our foundation for building multitouch applications with multitouch screens providing TUIO-Output. It enables you to add true multitouch to a 3d-Environment, object Manipulations such as drag, zoom rotate are implemented and work in 2d and 3d space alike, even after Camera-Manipulations.
Among other stuff, there ist:

  • masking, everything can have a mask object
  • tweened animations (growTo, scaleTo, rotateTo, colorTo)
  • color-picking

Since everything has grown over the years, and this is my first add-on to be made public, i am not sure how much cleanup and commenting still needs to be done. (probably quite a lot?)

Hope this is useful for someone.
Cheers Matthias