new HD logitech webcams - YUY2 vs MJPG

Logitech has recently released a pile of new webcams (at various price points) all of which supposedly support HD resolutions. (720p, and supposedly even 1080p for the higher end one). Although little information is available yet ( usually very detailed hardware specs can be founf here - ) I grabbed a new c510 webcam to try out. Image quality is quite nice, but is see it only supports 720p (1280x720) at 30fps in MJPG mode. YUY2 mode only does about 10fps at that res. As far as I can tell, OF can only read data from the camera in YUY2 (which it then converts to RGB24) which means 10fps instead of 30fps.

does anyone know:
-If there is any practical way to get MJPG streams from the webcam in OF?
-or does anyone have a the new c910 (the higher end camera) and if so does it support 30fps over YUY2?

while its a nice camera, thinking i should maybe just return it and save myself the hassle, of fighting with data formats…


i am interested in this topic too. i have a hercules hd720. with the standard windows drivers only mjpeg 720p is possible. so i only get yuy2 at 7fps in OF. strangely with the drivers from hercules i get the option to use rgb24 at 720p30, which i can use in OF too. That was under windows 7 x64. i am now trying to install my setup on a win xp machine, where the hercules driver refuses to install, right now i am out of luck under winxp…

thanks for the reply 2chrisp. I got a chance to try the c910 camera yesterday, and saw similar results to what you posted. It looks likes like UVC drivers will provide support for YUY2 mode and MJEG. the c910 and the c510 have terrible frame rates in YuY2. By installing the logitech drivers, I can instead do full frame rate in rgb24. So this works well for windows (7), but doesn’t provide a happy solution for cross platform use. BTW the c910 can actually do much higher resolutions than 1080p, but it seems that it really bogs down my system at high res.

unfortunately some how i only get YUY2 720p7 only under win7 too… strange… i realy had the impression i had it working under win7…
glad you have more luck with your cameras.

I would like to hook up a web cam through the internet using a unit called Sling Box. I have one now that I use to watch my sattelite TV on my iPhone when I’m traveling. Should work for a web cam just fine including controlling it in real time.

I’ve been wanting to try one of these out on my work system, have you shot any video we could check out?

To be honest, I didn’t even know they had 720 and 1080 webcams ! Must be cool to have !

Hi: so did you find any solutions for grabbing @1080 mjpg? I’m right now dealing with the c910 on Mac and I’m not able to get good frame rate. is there any way to set of to grab using mjpg instead o yuv?
thank you very much.

No, but I haven’t been testing anything lately.
As I understand it there are now proper logitech drivers for the c910 for mac.
this might make a difference.

yes I downloaded it:
but it doesn’t make the trick.
I’ll keep looking.
thx !