New Forum - Private Message - How?

Okay I don’t get it …

“If you find any problem let us know sending a private message …”

My problem is I don’t know how! I can’t find it. I could reply to Zach’s Welcome Message or start new topics but no PMs. Neither in the notifications menu nor on other user pages.

Any hints?


Click on the user name to go to his profile. You’ll find a private message button there.


nope - only an “Invites”

perhaps because my account is new?

can confirm I got the PM, please check my response, working to get your old account back to life but need some extra info…

it’s a permissions thing, i’ve just updated your account so you can send private messages. put me in copy, there was 3 or 4 accounts which usernames were too long for the new database so that could be the problem

yeah, solved!

thank you

I’ve the same problem. I can’t send any private messages.

@Psycho it’s normal, your user is really new after some time using the forum you’ll be able to send messages.

This has to do with the Trust Levels approach of Discourse (to minimize the potential for spam and abuse).
See this explanation of the levels: