New (discourse) forum feedback thread


Discourse offers some nice features for guiding how people post – for example when new users write their first message a little window should pop up reminding them about the standards, etc. I’d suggest that we keep emoji and and spend a little time crafting those new user guidance messages.


yeah, yeah is not about new posts but the ones that were ported from the old forum which are badly formated, i’m not saying to remove emoji but instead disable it while rerendering the old messages again.

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I like the new forum !, but i discovered that my private messages was disappeared…


I noticed that the old URL ( now renders a 403 Forbidden.
Maybe this can replaced with a forwarder to the new URL?


that was the old-old : ) url the one we were using 2 versions of the forum ago but it was redirected in the previous one. anyway i’ve added a redirection in case anyone still used that


Ability of putting a [SOLVED] flag to the post would be very helpful.

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In the Discourse environment, it seems that archiving (which permanently freezes the thread) is the preferred mechanism of indicating completion, for now. I’m not sure I agree this is the best way to go about this, though.


love the new forum look and the way you get around.
completely LOVE the search method. rather than it going through the whole database in one page it just pops up. lovely.

i second the [solved] flag as well. would be useful. would act much like githubs way of telling things have been fixed etc


also. when entering a headline to what your asking, it seems to put the first letter of the first word as a capital automatically. dont know why, how can this be turned off?



Does it “discourse” let add tags to help searching? i think it would be nice…


No tags afaik, because they tend to not work so well:

Have you had problems finding things, that you feel the need to tag, @kalwalt?

Regarding capitalization, this seems to be a default-on feature:


@bilderbuchi No, i haven’t had troubles with it, it was just a thought to improve the forum. In theory adding tags “should” improve the searching mechanism, but i’m not very expert in this field.


Is it possible to show “line numbers” in the beginnings of the code lines added to the post?


Not afaik. There’s a thread over at Discourse, but it didn’t go anywhere:

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I realize now, as mentioned on the discourse thread, how github’s style looks very clean and useful for the codelines.


Love the forum so far. How about a night mode with a darker theme?


Sharing code lines on the forum is difficult due to need of adding 4 space characters by hand before each line.

And -code- tags don’t generate the same code indentation and coloring.


you can use a triple backtick like:

// some code

to open and close code blocks, the default syntax will be cpp or you can sepcify the language when opening the code block adding it after the backticks like:


in general the github flaouvered markdown syntax should work:

#include "test.h"

test::setup() {
    a = 0;
    b = 0;

test::draw() {
    Log("Oh that works great! Thanks @arturo :)"); 
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