New (discourse) forum feedback thread

Thread collecting feedback for the newly launched forum.


Edit: Rearranged my first post a bit for a proper preview of the pinned topic.

Awesome work on the newly launched forum, looks great!
A couple of things that occured to me so far:

  • The banner on top should probably direct people to the “website” category instead of “bugs & errors”, as the latter is for OF bugs, not forum bugs, afaik.
  • @arturo it seems the “trust levels” (i.e. moderator permissions) have not been carried over. any way to fix that, or elevate the trust levels of the former mods?
  • would it be appropriate to generally shrink vertical whitespace a bit (e.g. in the topic lists and category lists), so as not to waste so much vertical space? It seems there’s an awful lot of scrolling involved currently …

p.s.: love the markdown support!

Thanks, re the mod permissions.

Another thing: Currently, I’m using the preference “Consider topics new when: I haven’t viewed them yet”, but now I have 6400 new topics - any way to globally mark them as viewed (as this, I think, is probably an issue of the migration)? Does that make sense? Still getting used to how to track activity with “the discourse way of doing things”. :slight_smile:

yes i’ve set that flag to the same setting but don’t think there’s an option to globally mark all as read

… I can’t login with my old account nor my github account… (safari 6 mac 10.8.4)

I asked for a new password by clicking the ‘I forgot my password’ button but I didn’t receive anything

I tried to log-in with my twitter account …it asked me for my email, I entered it …but I got an error because it was used by my old account…

anyway… I had to make a new email account in order to log in…

is the Git-hub option working for others?

@igiso the reset email can take some time before arriving, mine came after half an hour or so. also, look in your spam folder to see if it ended up there.

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as a side note, the reset password email was pretty quick for me – maybe as @bilderbuchi sugests check spam.

Love this new site! Github login isn’t working for me in Chrome, I get a “This webpage has a redirect loop” from persona, something about invalid creditials even though it did link into my github acct properly and I provided pretty all the permissions. Not sure what else to do to diagnose w/o posting a huge dump traffic dump.

It looks like there is an attempt to redirect to a 192.x.y.z address, instead of back to This is pretty weird because the redirect_url query parameter points to

i’ve disabled mozilla persona logins in case that’s what was causing trouble. also for old accounts you just need to ask for a new password, trying to login with github, google or twitter will create a new account

Just wanted to say that I like the new forum too! Good job!

I would also echo @bilderbuchi’s comments re: whitespace - if there’s a way to tweak it, would be nice…

And also, I seem to vaguely remember that I was marked as an “advanced user” or something similar in the old forum, and wondering if that corresponded with the trust level visible in the new forum?

Anyway, just details… Main thing is: thanks for the update :smile:

Is there a way to change my username? When I registered on the forum forever ago, I used my old internet handle and then subsequently changed it to my new-ish one. In the migration, my old-old username became my current user name, and the username I had on the previous forum is now my “name”.

I demand @ summons! :slight_smile:

there’s an option in the admin settings that says ‘Allow users to show their full names’ it’s enabled but it doesn’t seem to do anything, it could be that it just enables them in the profile and not in the posts or it could be a bug, will look into it

oh, and yes you can use @ to notify someone

Yepp, it’s a cool feature. What I’m saying, though, is that my username here is “adc”, because that’s how I registered on the forum forever ago (and then I changed it to “admsyn”).

But now, I’m back to “adc”, and it thinks my actual name is “admsyn”. So if you go, say, @admsyn then I don’t get summoned :frowning:

:thumbsup: I am in the same ghost-naming situation.

ok, i’ve found an option to allow username changes, you should be able to change it now

Great, that does the trick, thanks arturo!

I love discourse. And I’m very excited to be able to use the forums now. The old forms consistently rejected me … and all I wanted to do was help … :smile:

Nice migration work!

@arturo one little thing. Probably a discourse bug …

yes i had to migrate all the data using sql queries and some tables are not complete, although the date of posts is correct some tables store the date of the post again and those might not have the correct data, i think it is only the latest post of every category so once those change it’ll be ok

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