New Awesomium integration addon - ofxAwesomiumPlus

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on an OpenFrameworks application and I’m using Awesomium framework for the GUI. The ofxAwesomium addon seems to be abandoned so I updated it for v0.9 and I added a bit of functionality to it.

As I progress with my work project, I will definitely add more things to it so feel free to check it out:

Things I plan to look into soon:

  • Fix the keyboard input events (Currently there are some issues here)
  • Add the capability to bind bind javascript functions

My application depends on this addon so much that I implemented it as part of it. That made it difficult to create a standalone addon so I finally had some time tonight to implement new features that I developed while working on my OF application.

I pushed the latest changes to the repo so feel free to check it out.

New features:

  • Better keyboard input (works on OS X and Windows) - needs more work though
  • Mouse scrolling
  • Method binding - currently able to change a state by calling a javascript function in your javascript code - needs more work too, although this can work really well with a state machine design pattern
  • Dynamic window resizing
  • Helper methods: set scroll speed, set transparency

Hi razvanilin,

Any idea how I could get pixel/rgb data from the render of the browser?

I’m doing realtime post-processing on images from the web and need to send out the average color of the screen via osc.



I can’t get the examples to run.
getting linker errors.
Does it make sense that the ‘additional Include Directories’ would be set as:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Awesomium Technologies LLC\Awesomium SDK\\\include

Yes… double \\ at before include ??

I can’t find any other possible problem.


Did you add the librarry in the linker phase? If the error is something like symbol not found is related to that.

You should set $(AWE_DIR)build\lib in the additional library directories
and awesomium.lib in the input > additional dependecies

Yes, I have triple checked these… Have added them as instructed in the Awesomium documentation.
The error I now get (after reboot), is once the OF window opens, and it says"The program can’t start because the awesomium.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."

I have reinstalled, and repaired the install of Awesomium, the samples run, and the sample builds compile and run.
I have compared the link settings between the working samples and the OF examples, and can’t find the issue.

I have checked the Systems Environment Variables, and its set correctly.

Linking is my current weak point in understanding… so its probably me

OK, I have it working…
There seemed to be some issue with the dlls/exe’s I had copied to the build/bin
replacing these with those included in the SDK samples BuildSamples/build/bin has fixed this issue for me.

awesomium website is offline for downloading the 1.7.5 sdk… Anyone has a link or can share the file?
It’s being hard to find it.
Also if there’s another alternative to this tell me know please :slight_smile:

I might still have the sdk at the office. I can check on Monday. I wouldn’t recommend Awesomium though, it uses a really old modified version of Chromium and not even css3 works properly. Plus, the people behind it are not trustworthy, so expect to wait ages until they release something new (and it might not even be free to use).

I suggest you look at Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF). This is obviously supported since it’s backed by Google, and Spotify makes really nice builds every day so you can keep your project up-to-date.

Builds by Spotify:

There’s basic support to use CEF with oF here:
My fork has some fixes for Windows:

It will be nice to get more people on board and develop this addon more. My focus is not on this at the moment since I have other pressing matters I need to attend to attend at work, but I will definitely make this addon better at the beginning of next year.

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ok. thanks! don’t worry about the Awesomium’s file. I’ll check this CEF.

hey @razvanilin, I tried ofxCed without success yet…so if you don’t mind and it’s at your hand the Awesomium sdk, it would be nice if you can share. Maybe it fits my needs.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the file for MacOS.
This is the Windows one:

Actually, I forgot that all you need on Mac is the framework. So i actually have that. You can download it from here:

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Hi all,

please note my overview post on embedded browsers, in case you can add some information (now or some day). My goal is to build HowTo(s) on this topic.

For people trying out cef here is another cef-specific post.

Have a good day!

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