New apps from examples duplicates crashes after install on device. SOLVED.

Hi Arturo and all,

I’ve been successful in build, compile and run all the Android Examples from the github master branch.

My problem comes when I try to create another app from a example. I do exactly what the guide says:

You’ll need to change the name of the application in different places:

  • when you copy the application from an example set the name you want to use, let’s say your application is called myApp
  • in res/values/strings.xml change app_name value to the name of your application
  • in AndroidManifest.xml change the name of the package from cc.openFrameworks.exampleName to cc.openframeworks.myApp
  • in srcJava, select the package cc.openFrameworks.exampleName, press F2 to rename it and call it cc.openframeworks.myApp

I can build and compile, but once the app is installed on the device I get a message saying the application stopped unexpectedly (and try again).

I double checked the files looking for any reference to the old project name and I found another in the .project file, so I changed it but it didn’t help. It just crash when start running in the device (it just crashes before anything happens).

I’m kind of stuck, seems so simple but something happens.

Any suggestion?

SDK: 2.2 and 3.2
Device: Nexus One
OS: Gingerbread
IDE: Eclipse Indigo 3.7.0
ADT: v. 12

by the way Arturo, awesome work with ofAndroid dude : )


  • in srcjava/cc.openframeworks/MyApp/ edit and modify the first line to match your app name.
package cc.openframeworks.MyApp;  

Check the two srcjava folders to make sure the change has been applied for any reference.