New Android project: cp: cannot stat `bin/OFActivity-debug.apk': No such file

Hello everybody,

I want to create a new OpenFrameWorks Android project.
I copied a project from the examples folder and renamed it’s package to cc.openframeworks.[my app name].
also changed the reference in the Android.manifest.xml file.

The project builds successfully, but when I run it with AndroidInstall Configuration, I receive the following error:
cp: cannot stat `bin/OFActivity-debug.apk’: No such file or directory

What did I do wrong here ?

It looks like the project didn’t actually get built, because there’s not a built APK file in the bin. Can you post more of the error or is that all there is? It looks like maybe the core library wasn’t built properly or failed silently?


I receive no error when I build.
But when I run the project, I receive this error with no more information

Could it be something related to renaming the project ?

It looks like the file isn’t being built with the proper name. Can you check to make sure that this file exists, looking in the bin of your project file? If it’s changed you’ll need to change it in the makefile script that deploys the .apk to the device.