New addons ofxEspeakSynth

Hi all,

Wrapper espeak text to speech synthesizer.
theoretically this is multi-platform, tested only on linux.


the example of the name: example-speak-wave is still under construction.

good day

Lovin’ it! on my system (debian) i had to substitute -lportaudio with -lrtaudio to make it work
(and also obviously installing espeak with sudo apt-get install espeak libespeak-dev )
maybe you should write it in the

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perhaps because you have to install portaudio,

apt-get install libespeak-dev portaudio19-dev

I have to update the readme thanks.

Update adding callback for event espeak:

Adding example-phoneme-extract create a file ascii with phoneme and a file wave audio.

i am setting up a version on OSX - can you post example of the folder/library structure for correct inclusion of espeak libs?

you can try to install espeak and portaudio libraries on your operating system.
at this point just edit: and add linking for portaudio and espeak.

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thanks ! i’ll give it a try and see how it goes