New addon: ofxRemoteParameters

ofxRemoteParameters allows you to remotely manipulate ofParameters via an OSC connection. It uses a client-server architecture, where the server is the ofApp you want to control remotely, and the client modifies the values of the ofParameters . The addon focuses on the following:

  • Minimal code to get it running: You just call a setup function, and for most situations that is all you need to do. The goal is to have as little configuration as possible in either servers or clients.
  • Straightforward extensibility: Adding new data types is possible and simple.
  • Platform-independent clients: Because it uses OSC, any client that follows the simple protocol can interface with your ofApp.
  • BYO UI: In OF you can use ofxGui or ofxImGui, which is just a simple matter of passing the ofParameterGroup to either of those UI addons.

The add-on includes an OF client, but I have also separately released a Flutter client, RemoteRemote, which has been preliminarily tested on iOS, Android, and MacOS.

Comments welcome! And hope you find it useful!


Oh wow, I have a use case for this, will try to test in the next week or so, I use Windows and Android for now.

From what I see I was about to write the same thing! haha

awesome! thanks for this addon. I’ll give it a try