New Addon: ofxPresetsManager


I just made public this add-on. It’s based on another simpler add-on from @npisanti, thanks!

My motivation to make this is to allow a comfortable and simple workflow to tweak my scenes or other OF tools/add-ons; just adding groups of nested ofParameter’s, nothing more is required.




  • Handling of several nested ofParameters into ofParameterGroup 's as containers.
  • Easy to integrate into your projects.
  • Autogenerates a GUI to tweak all the parameters and manage presets. Based on docked ImGui windows using ofxImGui.
  • Several customizations, tools and helpers :

Build your favourites bank, store/recall standalone named preset files, copy/clone presets, re-arrange/sorting and organize presets, browse multi groups presets selectors by arrow keys, play timed/Bpm randomizer to switch between presets, randomize some parameters to explore variations, UNDO history engine, change GUI layout and button sizes, dark/light themes…etc.


When added your ofPararameterGroup’s (4 in this case), the add-on will auto create a GUI looking like that:


Then you can tweak/modify/copy and set a “current selected preset” for each added group.
The last group is an auto created linker-group that can handle presets too but to link all the above group’s preset selectors. (Kind of “sub-scenes” or different combinations to tweak the scene easily…)



Thanks for sharing !
Wait, you mean that ofParameters are automatically mapped to ImGui ? That could be an addon on itself ! Or added into ofxImGui !?

you are welcome @Dorald.

hey @Daan, I don’t understand what do you mean.
But I am just using the “official” ofxImGui helpers ( to add ofParameter’s but also some other simple widgets like big button/toggle with label, ofParameter<ofColor> and some theme/font styling…

Oh, my bad, I thought your addon did that at a first glance. Longtime I haven’t used ofParameters !

I just made many updates to the add-on:



3A_example-LinkServer + 3B_example-LinkClient: using ofxRemoteParameters


this is so cool

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