New Addon*, ofxLayout, simple straight forward layout management for openframeworks

I just wanted to share my addon, ofxLayout. This is a simple layout management addon which can be dropped into any existin openframeworks project. It comes with a few layouts but i’m constantly developing it since it is used in one of my recent projects.

You can create layouts from a simple json file inspired by python kivy’s kv lanuage. It is not a user interface addon like ofxUI but can be added to ofxUI.

As a bonus, it uses my other addon, ofxObservableProperty for tracking changes to variables. I will gradually update this addon but any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi @osi, looks promising! I wanted to try it out, but I couldn’t get it to compile. There are some missing files such as actionListener.h and actionEvent.h. I created a Github issue for this.

Thanks, @eelke, for taking a look at it. I updated the issue, and have also pushed some more updates. Please take a look again.