New addon: ofxAbletonLive

just released a new addon, ofxAbletonLive, which lets you control Ableton from an OF app without the need for installing MaxForLive. all communication is handled by OSC after a simple installation.

the addon parses all the available devices, parameters, and clips and gives you setter/getter access to them, and keeps in sync with Ableton. there is also an example provided which automatically builds a complete GUI (using ofxGui) from all the available parameters, as well as one for controlling parameters from a sequencer.

i’d love to hear from some ableton users about the features (i am lousy at ableton)! enjoy.

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Nice work!

Wow, thanks for this.
I just had a short look at example_gui. It looks very promising.
Mute, arm, solo didn’t work as expected. Arm and mute both activate/mute the track. Solo only works if the track is armed.
I will have a closer look this weekend. Do you want me to file issues on github?

i think that has to do with the way ableton handles mute/solo messages when the track is armed, but yeah you can file an issue.

I just filed two issues on github, there were two little bugs.

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Hey @genekogan,
I noticed that when my device parameters are very long they draw either with the drawBitmap or drawGui calls right off the screen. Do you have something that implements scrolling or would you advise just using the addon for that? Thanks so much for this plugin I’m loving it!


@michaelpromeo the function getParametersInfo() returns a string with all the device parameters. instead of drawing it to the screen or gui, you can just try printing them to the console (cout) which should make it a little easier to see.

Hi @genekogan . I’m starting to use OF for a project. And your library looks perfect for my project.

I tried to setup a little project to see the interaction between the program and Live.
I have access to Live global variables (I tried play the set or change the tempo and it works) but I think I can’t access to any tracks.

When I printAll(), this is what I get.

“[notice ] Tracks:
Return Tracks:]”

Do you have any idea about the problem ?

Btw, I can’t compile your examples, the program can’t open some .h files.

My god !? Clips and scenes launching also ? because this is what is missing from Live’s osc control with M4L devices (unless coded from the house)

Waouh interesting work !

And what about Link for Beat/Time syncing ?

I just say that because i imagine it’s the best way for sync an app with Ableton (maybe better than OSC).

Create an Addon for Link sounds really good :wink: But it’s not your subject…