networking in of

I’m just getting into this, but am trying to figure out how I can best interact with a socket server. To be specific, I’d like to use a server called smartfox ( ). So far all I’ve seen for networking was the ofxNetwork package, that seems to only support connecting to TCP and UDP, but really not much more. I’m lazy and would love to skip the whole writing all the code that connects to a socket server.

Are there any packages out there? Can I just find another C++ package and use it in open frameworks?

Sorry - I’m way noob.

Hi jeffyamada,

I’m working on a twitter addon which parses messages from the twitter streaming server. I’m using asio for that for which I created an addon which works currently only on Mac. You can google for boost.asio / asio for some examples on asio. Here are some nice tutorials:…-orial.html