Network addon - SVN?

Hey - I’d love to use the network libraries ( but I’m a bit unclear on how to get files from the SVN repository here. The URL doesn’t seem to allow me to check things out.

Could someone send me the network libraries or any examples that use them - or just post them somewhere? My email is Thanks!

Also wondering if there is a tutorial somewhere on the general use of addons.


sorry - the network stuff is up on the svn, but we are currently working on a general set of instructions / install process and we should have that up soon, since people want to make and use addons. This will happen at the same time as 0.05 - which is almost wrapped up.

We apologize for the delay, just trying to get a good solution in place, since this seems to trip alot of folks up and it a bit hard for us to maintain. we are working hard daily on this and should be able to post soon and at that point (hopefully) it will be clear and all the addons usable and up to date.

thanks for being patient -

Cool - looking forward to the release. Totally hooked on OF after that Eyebeam workshop. Thanks.

Any news Zach about this installation process? I would like to use the network addon and it seems the only way is to copy and paste the source of each file from websvn!

Thanks, chr

I’m not sure what you are talking about specifically –

in the 0.05 release, the network addon (w/ tcp and udp) is included in the FAT package. see

is that what you are looking for?


Ok, I missed the difference between normal and FAT.

Downloading now, thanks Zach!