Netbeans IDE support

I would like to use netbeans ide for openFrameworks C++ development.

It is a feature rich development environment with an active support community. It is ported to Linux, Windows, Mac and Solaris. I use it in windows and linux and enjoy the versioning support. The editor has a nice code reformating capability. (perhaps I just haven’t found it in code blocks?) … so much more …

My practical knowledge skill level and available time preclude me from offering much development support to a project however I’ve used the netbeans ide enough to be comfortable giving feedback if resources were given to support for netbeans. You could probably translate this paragraph to please please please.

I searched the openFrameworks forums before starting this topic and found four posts with netbeans. The following looks encouraging. I have a Fedora core 11 installation, perhaps I’ll try this. My primary development environment is Windows and that’s where I am doing my learning about openFrameworks.

It is good news for me because i use Netbeans IDE for my personal project and also i have read this forum and i also surprised for that. So i do not need to install other IDE for that. It is very effective and reliable environment for developing.

Any progress anyone?
I also like a lot NetBeans for developement (at the moment only for Java)
Code::Blocks is ok but quite far from NB at the moment…

cheers :slight_smile:


I removed my old post with the NetBeans Projectfiles, since it is very old.
But with the Makefile it is very easy to generate a Netbeans Project.

This is what I’ve done with OF from Github and Netbeans 6.9.1 on Linux Mint 9 Isadora 64bit:

[list type=decimal]

  • Create a new C/C++ Project with Existing Sources

  • Specify the project folder: e.g. /…/openFrameworks/apps/examples/moviePlayerExample (full absolute path)

  • Configuration Mode: Automatic

  • Click Finish

  • Right Click on Project -> Properties

  • Remove Source Folder “.” and add Source Folder “src”

  • Go to Category Make and rename “Makefile” to “makefile” at the Build and Clean Command

  • Specify the Build Result: e.g. “./bin/moviePlayerExample”

  • Go to Category Run and set Run Directory to “bin”

  • Click Apply

  • Build and Run

Can’t test it on Windows but it should work in nearly the same way.

Hi guys,
Thanks for some information here,
Big help in my part.
God Bless-how-to-deal-with-depression-

Has anyone had any success with Netbeans under Windows version.


thanks for the information. helps a lot :slight_smile: