Neither I can download a Visual studio plugin, nor can I use the projectGenerator.exe tool


Here is what I get, when I try to launch the projectGenerator.exe tool, and the plugin for Visual Studio is not found in the search box. How do I start using openFrameworks?

hey @Shane_Walsh,
are you using Visual Studio 2017? The extension I think is not compatible with VS 2019. (You must search on the online tab.)
Maybe you need to use path names a bit shorter… And also avoid using spaces or ‘++’ characters…
Remember also to set your OF path on the Project Generator settings.

Yes, im using vs2019, actually its possible to use it with openframeworks with the help of the project generator. Or by cloning the project that was made in the 2017vs. Thanks for your reply, adding ++ characters might be the case

in addition to the c++ you might also look at the unicode characters in the path (I noticed the user name is in cyrlic I think)… can you try a path without those if removing the ++ doesn’t help ? I am not 100% sure if that’s the issue but just a thought

yeah, removing ++ characters did not help. what did you mean by trying a path without those? It’s my user name so I can’t change it anyway

aww man, I think I know what’s the problem. When I downloaded this framework my computer turned off due to the electricity running out. Chrome said it can continue the download, but the computer turning off might have caused some files to get broken or smth. I think I’ll try to download the library