Needing help to connect to server as Telnet does with ofxNetwork and send commands

I am using the networkTcpClientExample to connect to IGS (International Go Server).

I set the address, port and delimiter.

address = "";// or
iPort = 6969;               // 7777 or 6969

//are we connected to the server
weConnected = tcpClient.setup(address, iPort);
//optionally set the delimiter to something else.
tcpClient.setMessageDelimiter("\r\n");// Telnet Delimiter

I made some commands that I keypress.

    if(key == '0'){
        msgTx	= "guest";//"guest"
if(key == 'e'){        
        msgTx	= "exit";
    if(key == 'g'){        
        msgTx	= "games";

I receive this error just in the beginning.

[ error ] ofxNetwork: /Users/ME/Documents/of_v0.8.4_osx_release/addons/ofxNetwork/src/ofxTCPClient.cpp: 227 unknown error: 2 see errno.h for description of the error

I have signed in as a guest and given a guest account name.

Login: This is a guest account.  Please see 'help register' to register.
Your account name is guest9915.
 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  You have entered IGS at 6969  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When I give a “games” command, it prints to the console.

\377\374#> That command is currently not available.  You need to be registered.  Please register your account.

Then expects me to have a U.K. Address format. I am in the U.S.

If you are in the U. K. your address will be the reverse of what you would normally expect.  The address format should be

I have registered. I am able to login.

Login: \377\373
1 1
9 File
 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  You have entered IGS at 6969  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

But unable to send commands like “games” or “exit” not without receiving as unknown.

5 exit: Unknown command.

I have made commands successfully with Terminal and Telnet as guest or as a registered player.

#> games
[##]  white name [ rk ]      black name [ rk ] (Move size H Komi BY FR) (###)
[63]     tetusi2 [ 3d*] vs.  aquaplusyu [ 3d*] (301   19  0  0.5  8  I) (  1)
[107]       psath [ 1d*] vs.         i3d [ 1d*] (278   19  0  6.5 10  I) (  0)

Except for the error and unknown commands the console prints out exactly the same as the process with Terminal and Telnet with the exception of artifacts like \377\374.


39 IGS entry on 11 - 19 - 2015
\377\3741 5

Terminal and Telnet and no artifacts.

39 IGS entry on 11 - 19 - 2015
1 5

My goal is to make procedural art from Go games being played online.

Thank you for reading this and thank you to everyone who has worked or is working on OF.

My Versions:
MacBook Pro, OS X Yosemite 10.10.5, of_v0.8.4_osx_release, Xcode Version 6.4 and OF addon ofxNetwork

IGS (International Go Server)

This is how I learned to change the delimiter.