Need to reboot RPI to have my app working


I am a new user of RaspberryPi-Openframeworks. I am currently working with rpi-camera and ofxRPICameraVideoGrabber, on RPI2, Jessie Raspbian, and of-arm6

While i am creating my app from an example of ofxRPICameraVideoGrabber, my app is " sometimes" not starting, even if the compilation went well : no window appears, and the terminal get stack at the start of the app, often with this message ( “init(): X11 not availble on RPI yet, using a native window instead” )

Fortunately, it works well if I reboot the Rpi , which is still quite long operation to do.

Any ideas, advices ?

ok, I finally guess that the problem is from X11, and i have to launch the app directly in the terminal instead of the desktop environment… which is not very useful for seeing LOG message .

You can set an android device as terminal, which can be useful :

Personally I program on my desktop computer, with the help of ssh + winscp. Winscp is a ssh/sftp/ftp file browser, you can access to your files on the pi and edit them on the computer without complicate settings.

thanks for the tips

Don’t you have bug in terminal after closing an app, or while the app is logging ?
Sometimes , character on terminal get crazy, and i am unable to read, and sometimes ( more often ), i can’t see what i am typing. Bind typing, good exercice, but tiring ^^

For the log messages, you can send them out to a file, and view it on a separate terminal.

I never had this problem on the RPi2, although recently I’ve been running Jessie Lite (without the X11 GUI).

you can usually clear this up with the command reset