Need to get binaries for an app for Windows and macOS, can someone help with this?

I need to get binaries for Windows and macOS for an app I’m building. The app is here GitHub - alexdrymonitis/LiveLily: Live Sequencing and Live Scoring System Through Live Coding with a Lilypond-like Language
It’s the “livelily” directory that needs to go to the myapps/ directory. It only uses the ofxOsc addon. Since I don’t have a Windows or mac computer, and I have no idea how I can cross-compile, can someone compile this for me and send me the binary? It has to be on a nightly build OF though. I am grateful for any help!


hello! here is a macOS 13.1-compiled binary, fresh from a nightly ProjectGenerated Xcode file, signed but not notarized. I had to #ifdef the icon stuff, as that syntax is linux-only, and getting a custom icon on macOS is a bit more involved. it seems to work properly (the shell-like thing reacts to typing) but it’s not clear how to test? (it’s above the 2MB limit of the forum I’m using a random file share site that is probably ephemeral).

[edited to add] note that it requires data/DroidSansMono.ttf otherwise there’s a hard crash (perhaps checking for resources would be a good thing). there are provisions in the Xcode project to bundle the data dir within the .app (and also notarize) but these features are not quite ready for prime time, in the sense that properly bundling an app to be distributed outside of an OF installation is not as simple as flipping a switch (yet).


Thank you very much for this @burton, I really appreciate it! DroidSansMono.ttf is included in the bin/data directory in the GibHub repository. Anyway, I’ll just pass it around. Didn’t mention that this is for a workshop at the International Conference on Live Coding (ICLC).
The software is still very much alpha, and there’s no documentation yet, so obviously you couldn’t tell what it’s supposed to do. I’ll update everything in the near future.
Thanks again for taking the time to do this, I’m really grateful!


Hey @alexandrosdrymonitis , would Theo’s suggestion in this thread of having the app compiled by GitHub work for you? It might be easier to make changes and maintain it that way too.

Hi @TimChi Thanks for chipping in, as always :slight_smile:, I’ll check it out! I needed the binaries for yesterday, when I was giving a workshop, but the entire OF app binary thing seems to be complicated, anyway! I’ll take my time now and try to figure out how to cross-compile for future versions. Thank you both!