Need some help with compiling> difference keying demo

Hi guys
revisiting an earlier project and simply trying to get the code compiling.

The error I am getting is

#include “ofxCv.h” error> ‘opencv2/opencv.hpp’ file not found

But in my Xcode project directory I definitely see the file


Guessing my issue is something to do with not properly adding new ‘addons’.

Also, at least for me, the way Xcode does not exactly mirror whats in your finder makes things more confusing.

Also getting a similar error in ofxCvShortImage.cpp
‘opencv2/core/core_c.h’ file not found

But in my Xcode project directory I see

At the finder level the pathing is a lot deeper


Addendum, I have a partial solution in that I’ve used the ‘AllAddonsExample’ project as a template, and simply copy pasted my main.cpp and ofApp.cpp files.

Also rewatched this tutorial

Definitely the biggest stumbling block for novices getting into Ofx… not at all intuitive

The best way to include an addon is to use projectGenerator, which is included in the recent release versions of oF (you can find it directly under the extracted folder. If not, download the latest oF).

Including addons manually is very tricky as you mentioned. The file hierarchy is just a list of files to compile, so Xcode will compile them but does not refer to the include files in the hierarchy. There are several ways to add include files, but the easiest way is to use projectGenerator (or, copying an example project is not the cleanest way, but often useful).