Need some advice on resources and books for my Thesis

I know this is not a theoric art forum but since i know here there are lots of teachers and researchers i believe it could be a good place to ask for some advice.

Right now im working on my Masters degree thesis in aesthetics of the electronic arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I haven´t decided the topic yet but as i ussually create custom software using different languages (Ofx, P5, JS, PHP, AS3, etc) for my artistic works so I would like to research about “Code as a material for artstic productions”; analyze why it is relevant, what are the specific characteristics of the medium, and also merge that with the perspective of a third world new media technologist (me).

I´m currently making some research on bibliography about code and i encountered some interesting authors like “Lev Manovich - Software takes command”, " Charles Petzold - Code ’ The hidden language of computer hardware and software" and also “Code+FORM”. These are great books that help me to understand from a theoric perspective what I´ve started doing as a technologist or new media art “enthusiast” so i would like to see if anyone has some different resources or books to recommend on the topic. Videos, Recorded Conferences and artistic works references are also welcome.

Thanks in advance!.