Need help with video grabber in 640x480 doesnot work ??

:?: Hi,
i try to get the demo video grabber to work with my unibrain camera in 640x480
but all i get is a black window, but it says in the promt window that the cam has been loaded if i set it to the normal 320x240 it works ??

What do i miss ??

best regards Anubisbot

Try opening the camera in the fire-i application at 640 x 480. Load it up. Then close out and open OF, I think that’s what worked for me. Camera options in OF aren’t the best right now (hopefully they’ll be better in the future). Also, you’re camera @ 640 x 480 will default to rgb24 and thus only run at 15fps. If you want to run the camera at 30fps, you need to change the video capture class to not use rgb24 as default.