Need help switching to C++14

Hi, I would like to run tensorFlow2 addon, however, I have an error I don’t know how to fix.
When I change to C++14 in the file CoreOF.xconfig
CLANG_CXX_LANGUAGE_STANDARD[arch=x86_64] = c++14

I get this error in any project.

I use projectGenerator, and also clean the whole project but still the same error.
Using MacOs 12.2.1
OF 0.11.2
Xcode 13.3.1
I might be missing a step.
Any help?

Hi, It is not that simple. Recently several changes were done in order to use C++17 as the default.
So, one way is to “undo” such changes or use an older version that still uses C++14, which I would recommend you.

I think that this is the commit where the change was done. So any release prior to that (or if you use the github version the commit prior to it) should work with c++14. v 0.11 should be fine Index of /versions/v0.11.0/

Hmm I am using ofxTensorflow2 with 0.11.2
I think you need C++14 set for both CoreOF.xcconfig and Project.xcconfig

I think if you do that - so that both the openFrameworksLib Xcode project and your main project list C++14 you should be good to go.

Also if you want C++17 that should be available in the nightly builds at the bottom of the download page here: download | openFrameworks

Hope that helps!

yes, with the nightly builds and adding arm64 to excluded architecture in Mac, it runs smoothly :grinning: