Need help resolving Boost lib reference in nightly build

Trying to use most recent nightly build (20180408) in newly installed VS 2017. An attempted build of any OF example or bare-naked code from projectGenerator yields this error:

LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file ‘libboost_filesystem-vc140-mt-gd-1_64.lib’

I found a similar problem in a Forum posting from last year, but (red-faced admission) I need more of a step-by-step description on how to satisfy the link error. Yes, I can find the Boost Web page but am unsure on how to supply a properly identified “.lib” file to openFrameworks.

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are you using the version for vs2017 and updated the projects when vs asks for it when opening the project? if so does this happen with any project?

I have the default, stable OF release 0.9.8 installed at C:/openFrameworks on my Windows 10 PC. Down the filesystem at ~/libs/boost/lib/vs/Win32 are the 4 boost libraries identified as …-vc140-…-1_58.lib. The parallel folder ~/vs/x64 is empty. I can build and run apparently any program whether an OF example, new code built using projectGenerator or by copying emptyExample into myApps.

I also have a nightly OF version stored at C:/of_v20180408_vs2017_release. In both Boost folders ~/vs/Win32 and ~/vs/x64 are libboost_* libraries annotated …-vc141-…-1_64.lib. I currently can’t build any solution because the linker says boost library set “-vc140-” are missing.

In either OF release, at the first build effort Visual Studio pops up a window titled “Retarget Project”. It offers to upgrade the SDK and Toolset both of which I respond with “No Upgrade”.

As stated above, I hesitate to download and unzip Boost libraries partly for fear of opening another “can of worms” (very appropriate American slang).

Thanks again Arturo for your offer of help.

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The problem i think is that you need to update the project when asked for. The vs2017 download has libraries compiled with vs2017 but the project files haven’t been updated yet so when vs asks you to update them you should answer yes.

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Yes, arturo, choosing the project upgrade to Windows SDK and Toolset check boxes in the “Review Solution Action” solved my problem. Somehow I thought selecting “No Upgrade” was the right choice.

I think it is also best practice to copy examples into the myApps folder to avoid corrupting the original files with experimental edits.

I would insert an emoji that reflects my state of mind but I can’t find one with the right combination of features. Maybe this: :weary:

Thanks again for helping a rookie.

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