Need help of Screen(desktop) Grab/Capture/Record on Window OS!

Hej Hej!
I’m applying GDI function “GetBitmapBits” to record win 7 monitor screen,
in order to display whole monitor buffer inside my ofApp() in real time, not for saving file on disk.
the performance is poor as 30 FPS@1920*1080.

Here are some testing topics I tried but failed,

  1. ofxScreenGrab
  2. ofxDisplay
  3. ofxscreenshot
  4. textureScreengrabExample
  5. fastest-method-of-screen-capturing
  6. Gstreamer

Anyone have a better way or point view about this issue?

  1. FFmpeg->RTSP->ofImage;
  2. ofFBO (no clues )
  3. GPU front buffer (guess)

After two days of work, I’ve found new approach to duplicate screen on windows.

  1. for win 7, mirror driver could be fastest method;(need to test)
    MicroSoft Mirror Drivers
  2. for win 8.1, DXGI is so brilliant with almost no delay feeling(tested)
    Desktop Duplication API

More discussions are welcome.

I’d be interested to know if you got desktop duplication working with OF. I spent some time on it a while back but got stuck. See